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About Us

Genius Cerebrum is a first of its kind virtual competition platform in India. Genius Cerebrum, USA have been founded as a visionary to bring in talents into the competitive world and give them a digital platform to prove their skills. We believe talent can be unleashed as a child, teen, as an youngster or even as a matured man or a women.

As cerebrum forms the largest part of the brain, we wanted everyone regardless of the age to utilize the majority of them towards creativity and skillful talents. We decided to develop a digital platform to unlock the spirit of competitiveness to self recognise their hidden talents.

We want everyone to win and earn but also to fail and learn. Genius cerebrum is here to boost the skills amongst all and make them more productive by increasing their happiness index


Our mission is to enable everyone to utilize our digital platform to the fullest and reach limitless boundaries through victories and also learn endless.


Our major vision is to enhance talents on a digital stage through making every one participate regardless of age, region, color and gender.


Major belief of our organization is to enhance winners and participants to come together in our platform and get benefitted on the whole as a network of talents.  The ideology behind our belief is to enhance positivity in the world and make our planet as a happy place to live around.